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  • I♥CarlisleCullen

    She smiles at you, and you take one look at her and fall in love all over again, and it's impossible not to, and then you catch yourself. And you wonder.

    And you're breathing a little too hard, and smiling a little too wide—and you've seen her at work. You've seen the way her eyes narrow just a bit (those eyes, endless ruby, endless beauty) and she bites her lower lip (so full, teeth so white and perfect) and everyone around her does what she wants them to do. Thinks what she wants them to think. Feels what she wants them to feel.

    So, when you're not with her, not actually actively with her, you wonder. Is everything you feel just… her? Do you really love her, or is it just her mind telling your's that you do?

    You wonder and you worry and you o…

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  • I♥CarlisleCullen

    "We did our part there was nothing else we could have done." Amun muttered to himself as he came to a stop, a safe distance from the activities in the clearing. He frowned as he looked back at the space that he and his mate had just come from. It was clear that the Voltaire did not care about justice or anything of the sort. If anything everyone in that clearing would be going through a whole list of sins just so they could be accused of something. He was almost sure that they would start going listing sins during there mortal days, a very long day indeed.

    "Stupid kid," Amun continued. Why couldn't Ben just follow his orders? Such a free thinking mind could fly right into a trap. Although he had to admit that he was certainly capable of tak…

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